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on the 55th anniversary of t▓he establishment of diplomatic relations and lifted China-France ties to a higher level," Xi said.Xi note▓d that the speeches, delivered respectively by him and Macro

n at the opening ceremony of the second China Inter▓national Import Expo on Tuesday in Shanghai, sent a strong message to the world in firmly safeguarding multilateralism and free trade, as well as building an ▓open world economy."Our frank, in-depth and fruitful discussions on many topics of common concern have deepened mutual understanding and trust▓," Xi said.China and France, as two permanent me▓mbers of the UN Security Council and representatives ▓of Eastern and Western civilizations, should strengthen strategic communication, shoulder more responsibilities and exercise their roles as major count▓ries, as the world is undergoing chan

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ges rarely▓ seen in a century, Xi said.He pledged to work jointly w▓ith Macron to further advance the China-Fran

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  • Xi Jinping Wednesd▓ay held talk
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ce comprehensive strategic partnership, looking out o▓n the world, the future and the p

eople, and keep the p▓artnership at the forefront of majo▓r-country relations.China-France ties have shown ▓a strong momentum of development, Xi said, adding that the consensus reached by him and Macron had been actively implemented since his successful state visit to Fra▓nce in March.Citi

rance tiesXi holds talks with Macron, pledging for enhanced Chin a-France tie s11-07-201 9 09:36 BJTB EIJING, Nov. 6 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping W ▓ednesday hel d talks with h is French coun terpa▓rt Emmanuel Macron at the Great Hall of the Peopl e in Beijing ."We have made mutual visits to our respec tive co▓untries 罗平县wap 江西省wap 醴陵市5G 苏州市5G 松潘县5G 昆明市wap 恩平市wap 安宁市5G 海阳市wap 林甸县5G 上海5G 天台县wap 沁水县wap 明光市wap 卢氏县wap 侯马市5G 嵊泗县wap 湘潭县wap 印江土家族苗族自治县wap 贵阳市5G 新开传奇私服单职业网 传奇私服脱机外挂哪个好 传奇私服玩一会就掉线 网通复古传奇私服1.85 传奇私服微端无补丁 传奇私服手机版 经典传奇私服端游 手游传奇私服哪个好玩 传奇私服单机版服务端 传奇私服外挂怎么调